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They can screen for the desired age and sex of their prospective partners simply by filtering out certain flash frequencies from the pool of all those transmitted. Gries compares this natural mating recognition system to the modern dating app, Tinder, which utilises similar screening techniques to ensure prospective matches possess the suitable age and sex status.

Michael Hrabar, another member of the SFU research team, suggests that all single, dating app users could take a few pointers from the blow fly.

With online dating taking off, it’s no surprise that the network is now being viewed as the perfect opportunity to find your bearded pairing. You can swap private messages, and if you want to sign up for more dates, you can either cough up the fee for roughly €3, or sign up three other bearded lovers to the site.

We wonder how many Santa impersonations will be popping up this month?

alum said that one of the biggest problems with modern dating is assuming everyone has just one perfect soul mate.

“Everybody has moments when they look at their partner and wonder, Could this person be my person?

But her face, her body, her personality, her life situation, all just one rung up," Toney said."If they had only talked to you first, they wouldn't be in this mess! To read an exerpt from "The Rating Game," click here.

In this study, researchers mimicked this form of sexual communication by utilising a pulsing LED light set to 178 Hz to match the frequency of the female blow fly signals.That way you only date people that rate the same as you," Toney explained. "Even twins or best friends will have different internal values."However, Toney points out that men tend to see themselves better than they really are and women see themselves worse than they really are."That's one of the main reasons I wanted to do this book is because women typically judge themselves by their worst qualities," she explained."This kind of picks up where 'He's Just No That Into You,' left off."Do people perceive themselves correctly? "We will stand in front of the mirror and search for something we hate before we leave the house.""Whereas men do the exact opposite. I'm great.' And they run out and look for Heidi Klum.Some are meant to heal you, some are meant to teach you how to build yourself up, and some are meant to show you how to trust your own intuition.” She drew from her own failed marriage in her 20s to back this up, and said, “The reality is that, yes, it was a massive event in my life.And the trauma of it was amplified by how public it became, which was incredibly foreign and bizarre to a girl who’d been just another college kid 24 months before her life blew up.” RELATED VIDEO: Find out What Sophia Bush and Jamie Lee Curtis Keep in Their Purses But it got easier when she realized that there will never be a be-all end-all relationship.

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Remarkably, the transmission of these light flashes alone was sufficient to attract male blow flies, even in the absence of any female flies.

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