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Her new Younger Now is the debut of yet another Miley, playing down her whimsical and outrageous quirks for a sincerity-intensive move into the country-pop maturity of "Malibu." Still only 24, she's out to rebrand herself as a dues-paying twerk-free Nashville adult – any remaining Flaming Lips influence has gotten toned way down.

‘I have also been in contact with Stonewall to discuss an LGBT programme the Steelers could participate in.Even one user suggested a compassionate way that Simms could apologize.This instance of virtually speaking out in support of the LGBTQ community is just the latest in recent promising and hopeful ways that those around the world, including celebrities, are helping others, despite troubling current events.Her last album – just two years ago – was a psychedelic rock opera about her dead pets (R. P., Pablow the Blowfish) with a genuinely touching galactic-sex ballad, "Something About Space Dude," one of the last great songs written about David Bowie in his lifetime.But the Dead Petz-era Miley now sleeps with the blowfishes.

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As you'd expect, the songs on Now are her mid-life personal statements, along the lines of "Poor Me" and "Roll Me on the River," with an emphasis on post-divorce piano ballads about getting the Shania groove back.

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