Pandigital firmware not updating Kolkataxxx

New users can benefit from the hard work and many hours that have gone in to making these hacks so accessible.The following hacks have been organized into categories based on the ease of use and technical background of the user.

There can be only one zipped FW file present on the PDN when flashing. This is generally the preferred method if you have an external SD card available. Update 2/15/11 If you are using Pandigital's upgrader application (latest is version Please be aware that the PD upgrader application now creates a backup folder in my documents on your computer.

The quickest method to determine which version you have is to observe the video playback on firmware newer than 7/24.

One version of the motherboard has choppy playback (pausing every 5 seconds), while the other does not.

These methods will change as new additions become available. Pandigital is also selling a Black Model and a nearly identical version in Black, Red, Blue and Purple which have gotten poor reviews as it runs on lesser hardware and an older version of Android.

Read more about hacking it here: The Black One (QVC & BPDN) STUCK IN A FLASH LOOP? Neither authors of this Wiki nor of the various modifications referred to and linked herein shall be liable for any damages to your device resulting from following their instructions (correctly or not).

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