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The couple held their wedding ceremony at a cathedral in Seoul where they had deep historical ties to the church as it was reflected on the wishes of Kim Tae Hee's mother in addition to promoting the cathedral to international fans. when the reporter asked about her 'pregnancy test' which many have been rumors about, the actress proclaimed, We wish it were true however that is definitely not the case.

Is Rain and Kim Tae Hee's wedding date actually finalized this time?

That'd be fun."Which celebrity couple would you like to see?

The two of them are well known to be extremely close friends.

*strange*each married couple would want to have a baby, but you why do not want it????

they are not rushing anything, they just want the right house to live in for the rest of their lives, is not like they will live forever with Rain´s family is just until they found the perdect one for them Mais ecoute, ca fait pas tres longtemps qu'ils sont maries.

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